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Luna Escort in Valencia

25 years
55 kg.
168 cm.
85 - 60 - 85
Spanish, English, French


Romantic Dinners
Erotic Literature
Relaxing Massages
Girlfriend Experience
Massages at Home
Massages to Hotels

About Luna

Hello, my name is Luna and I come from Colombia. I am an elegant and fun girl, but also educated and charismatic. I love socializing and meeting new people, I am always ready for an interesting conversation. In addition, I am a very sociable person and I am always surrounded by friends. My hobbies are varied and I like to try new things. I love enjoying romantic dinners in restaurants with a cozy atmosphere and I also like to travel and learn about different cultures. I can't resist shopping and I always find something special to add to my wardrobe. In addition, I enjoy partying and looking for the funniest side of life. I can't help but be curious about erotic literature, I am fascinated by immersing myself in stories of passion and romance. I speak Spanish and I also speak Italian English. This gives me the opportunity to communicate with people from different places around the world. When it comes to making plans, I love diversity. I enjoy visiting amusement parks and feeling the excitement of the attractions. I also enjoy going out to lunch or dinner in places with a pleasant atmosphere and sharing special moments with friends and loved ones. To escape from routine, I love sightseeing and enjoying weekend getaways to beautiful towns. If I want to relax, a day at a spa is always a good idea. I can't resist the call of nature, so I love going to the beach and also hiking in the mountains. When I want something more cultural, I visit museums or go to the theater or cinema. I never tire of traveling and discovering new destinations. If I want a little fun, I enjoy going out dancing or spending a night at karaoke. I also like to exercise, so I practice all kinds of sports and play paddle tennis. Of course, I can't resist the temptation to go shopping and spend an afternoon looking for the latest trends. In short, I am Luna, a Colombian girl with an elegant, fun and sociable personality. My hobbies are varied, from enjoying romantic dinners to traveling and enjoying tourism. I speak Spanish, English, Italian, which allows me to communicate with people of different nationalities. My ideal plans include visiting amusement parks, weekend getaways to pretty towns, going to a spa or simply staying home watching Netflix. I am ready to live new experiences and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

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Luna, Valencia escort Colombia
Luna, Colombia
Luna, escort in valencia Colombia