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Fabiola Shemale in Barcelona

22 years
Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese


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About Fabiola

Hello! My name is Fabiola and I am from Venezuela, although I currently live in Spain. I am a very fun and sociable person, I am always surrounded by friends and family. I love to enjoy life to the fullest and I always look to make exciting plans. When I'm not working, one of my biggest passions is shopping, finding the best deals and always looking stylish. In addition, I love organizing romantic dinners and enjoying a good evening in the company of someone special. I am also passionate about erotic literature, there is nothing better than letting yourself be carried away by the emotions that a story can awaken. As for languages, I am bilingual in Spanish and English, which opens many doors for me and allows me to enjoy different cultures. In addition, I have a passion for travel and tourism, I love exploring and discovering new places. In my free time, I also enjoy visiting museums, going to the theater and enjoying a good movie at the cinema. Plus, I love trying new sports and challenging myself. Whether it's skiing in the mountains or playing a game of paddle tennis, I'm always looking to stay active. In short, I am Fabiola, a Venezuelan girl who enjoys life to the fullest, always looking for new plans and exciting experiences. I am fun, educated and charismatic, and I am ready to live new adventures.

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