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As a result of the Sexual Freedom Law, the publication of sexual services for financial consideration is not allowed. Therefore, Erosguia only publishes shemales Madrid as an escort service and ads for Madrid transsexuals that offer to exchange sex for money will be prohibited.
Valeria Vergara, shemale escort madrid
Valeria Vergara
20 years  - 170 cm

My name is Valeria Vergara and I am Spanish. I am an elegant, fun, educated and charismatic girl, with a

Romina García, trans escort madrid Colombian
Romina García,  Colombian
23 years  - 165 cm

My name is Romina García and I am Colombian. I am a very fun and charismatic person, I always

Angelina Vergara, Colombian
Angelina Vergara,  Colombian
22 years  - 172 cm

My name is Angelina Vergara, I am from Colombia and I live in Spain. I am an elegant, fun and

Sofia, ts escort Colombian
Sofia,  Colombian
23 years  - 170 cm

My name is Sofia and I am from Colombia. I am a fun, charismatic and elegant girl, always with a

Afrodita, ts escorts Colombian
Afrodita,  Colombian
23 years  - 182 cm

hello! I am aphrodite, passionate about good music, rumba and good food. I enjoy every moment to the fullest, and

Yuliana, madrid shemale Paraguayan
Yuliana,  Paraguayan
25 years  - 173 cm

Hello, I am Yuliana, a girl originally from Paraguay. My personality is very versatile, I can be elegant and sophisticated

Nicky Bermúdez, Spanish
Nicky Bermúdez,  Spanish
25 years  - 190 cm

Hello everyone! I'm Nicky and I'm pleased to introduce myself to this community. My personality is

Seleñia, escort trans Argentinian
Seleñia,  Argentinian
22 years  - 180 cm

seleñia is a lover of fashion and enjoys expressing her unique personality through her elegant and avant-garde outfits.

Muñeca Barbie, shemale escort madrid Peruvian
Muñeca Barbie,  Peruvian
28 years  - 170 cm

Hello, I am a Barbie doll, originally from Peru, but with a traveling spirit that has taken me to travel

Ivenuss Dilay , trans escort madrid Paraguayan
Ivenuss Dilay ,  Paraguayan
30 years  - 175 cm

Hello, I am Ivenuss Dilay, a Paraguayan girl who enjoys life to the fullest. I am an extroverted, charismatic and

Veronik, Venezuelan
Veronik,  Venezuelan
27 years  - 176 cm

My name is Veronik and I am from Venezuela. I am a fun, charismatic and sociable girl, always willing to

Diosa, ts escort Colombian
Diosa,  Colombian
25 years  - 180 cm

I am a goddess, and I am excited to introduce myself to this community. With me, you will find beauty

Bruna Ferreira, ts escorts Brazilian
Bruna Ferreira,  Brazilian
26 years  - 175 cm

Meet Bruna Ferreira, a fascinating woman who perfectly combines fun and elegance in her life. Her name evokes beauty and

Alexandra Montenegro, madrid shemale Colombian
Alexandra Montenegro,  Colombian
20 years  - 175 cm

Alexandra Montenegro, an extraordinary woman full of charm. its name evokes strength and elegance, qualities that define it perfectly. With

Sofía, Venezuelan
Sofía,  Venezuelan
22 years  - 175 cm

I am Sofia, a Venezuelan of great beauty, smiling, funny and charming. my smile is my letter of introduction, always

Júlia, escort trans Brazilian
Júlia,  Brazilian
21 years  - 165 cm

My name is Jãºlia and I am Brazilian. I am a very sociable and fun girl, I am always

Gabriella, shemale escort madrid Italian
Gabriella,  Italian
26 years  - 180 cm

My name is Gabriella and I am Spanish. I am an elegant, fun, educated and charismatic person. I love socializing

Samy, trans escort madrid Brazilian
Samy,  Brazilian
22 years  - 170 cm

Hello, my name is Samy and I come from Brazil. I am a fun, charismatic and sociable person. I enjoy

Veronique, Costa Rican
Veronique,  Costa Rican
39 years  - 176 cm

Hello, I'm Veronique, a girl from Costa Rica. I have always been fascinated by languages, so apart from

Micaela, ts escort Argentinian
Micaela,  Argentinian
25 years  - 170 cm

My name is Micaela, I am Argentine and I consider myself a fun and sociable girl. I love enjoying romantic

Giulia Milano, ts escorts Chilean
Giulia Milano,  Chilean
22 years  - 174 cm

Giulia is a person who finds great joy in celebrating and in the company of others. Her enthusiasm for parties

Cristina, madrid shemale Peruvian
Cristina,  Peruvian
29 years  - 172 cm

My name is Cristina and I am from Paraguay. I am an elegant, fun and charismatic person. I love socializing

Amanda Lear, Brazilian
Amanda Lear,  Brazilian
30 years  - 176 cm

amanda lear, an authentic and unforgettable girl. my unique personality and singular style make me stand out in any setting.

Daniella Camarena , escort trans Panamanian
Daniella Camarena ,  Panamanian
23 years  - 158 cm

My name is Daniella Camarena and I am from Panama. I am a sociable, fun, charismatic and elegant person. I

Valentina , shemale escort madrid Colombian
Valentina ,  Colombian
25 years  - 167 cm

My name is Valentina and I am from Colombia. I speak Spanish and English fluently. I am an elegant, fun

Alizze , trans escort madrid Peruvian
Alizze ,  Peruvian
24 years  - 168 cm

My name is Alizze and I am Peruvian. I am a charismatic, fun and elegant girl, always enjoying life to

Magdalena, Colombian
Magdalena,  Colombian
27 years  - 177 cm

hello everyone! I am magda, an elegant, sophisticated, discreet and cultured woman. elegance is an essential part of my style,

Madrid is a great city with endless plans to do, its leisure offer is eternal and you can't finish it even if you want to. Whether you want to have a cultural weekend or if you want to try the most delicious local cuisine as well as dance at the most massive and fun parties, this is the ideal city for you. And all this adventure is much more incredible with the company of the best shemales Madrid, capable of making you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Are you ready to have a great time and enjoy unlimited fun?

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Giselle, ts escort Colombian
24 years  - 180 cm

Hello, I'm Giselle, a Colombian with a charismatic and fun personality. I am always willing to enjoy life

Camila, ts escorts Venezuelan
32 years  - 168 cm

hello everyone! I'm Camila and I'm excited to introduce myself to this community. my personality is

Viviane Blanco, madrid shemale Venezuelan
Viviane Blanco
180 cm

My name is Viviane Blanco, I am Venezuelan and I have a spirit full of energy and fun. I am

Ninoska, Venezuelan
26 years  - 169 cm

Hello, I am Ninoska, a Venezuelan girl passionate about travel and new experiences. I am a fun and charismatic person,

Luna, escort trans Argentinian
21 years  - 160 cm

My name is Luna, I am Argentine and I love fashion and caresses. I am an elegant and fun girl,

Isabella, shemale escort madrid Colombian
28 years

My name is Isabella and I am from Colombia. I am an elegant, fun and charismatic person. I love socializing

Ruby Navarro, trans escort madrid Brazilian
Ruby Navarro
26 years  - 150 cm

Hello! My name is Ruby Navarro and I am Brazilian. I am a very sociable, fun and charismatic girl, always

Fresita, Venezuelan
22 years  - 165 cm

I am strawberry, a person full of sweetness and vitality. my personality is a reflection of my nickname, always looking

Michelly Paris, ts escort Brazilian
Michelly Paris
27 years  - 173 cm

Hello! I am Michelle, a Brazilian girl full of energy and joy of life. I am a fun and charismatic

Asia, ts escorts Colombian
24 years  - 175 cm

allow me to introduce you to asia, innate elegance and charming delicacy. Her sophisticated style and taste for the refined

Bonita Sweet, madrid shemale Argentinian
Bonita Sweet
25 years  - 175 cm

My name is Bonita Sweet and I am Argentine. I am an elegant, fun and charismatic girl, with a touch

Kendal, Venezuelan
25 years  - 178 cm

My name is Kendal, I am Venezuelan. I am a very fun and charismatic girl and I am always surrounded

Claudia Moura, escort trans Brazilian
Claudia Moura
35 years  - 171 cm

Meet Claudia Moura, an exceptional woman with a magnetic personality and unwavering inner strength. her name evokes determination and elegance,

Rafaela, shemale escort madrid Brazilian
24 years  - 170 cm

Rafaela, a name that carries with it an air of grace and beauty. This young woman radiates a presence that

Angela, trans escort madrid Colombian
24 years  - 170 cm

Hello, I'm Ángela, a Colombian girl full of energy and charisma. I am a fun, educated and sociable

Kymbella, Argentinian
25 years  - 175 cm

Hello, I am Kymbella, an Argentine girl full of energy and joy. I am a mix between elegant and fun,

Angelina , ts escort Colombian
27 years  - 170 cm

meet angelina beruchy, a woman with a name that evokes grace and beauty. She is a passionate and energetic person,

Paula CD, ts escorts Spanish
Paula CD
24 years  - 170 cm

My name is Paula CD and I am Spanish. I am an elegant, fun and charismatic girl, always polite and

Luz, madrid shemale Colombian
22 years  - 180 cm

Hello! I am light, a young woman passionate about life and full of energy. I love diving into new adventures,

Sarita Fox, Colombian
Sarita Fox
20 years  - 170 cm

Hello! I am Sarita Fox, a Colombian passionate about life and new experiences. I am a fun, charismatic and sociable

Daniella Larsen, escort trans
Daniella Larsen
25 years  - 175 cm

hello! I'm Daniella Larsen, an international model. Let me tell you that I am a gorgeous blonde, with

Aby, shemale escort madrid Spanish
32 years  - 180 cm

Hello everyone! I'm aby, and it's a pleasure to join this community. My presence is characterized

Sofia, trans escort madrid Colombian
20 years  - 160 cm

hello! I am sofÃ, a beautiful Colombian, brunette and with a feminine charm that characterizes me. elegance and education are

Sara, Colombian
25 years  - 180 cm

My name is Sara, I am from Colombia and I consider myself a happy, outgoing and sociable person. I love

María Sáenz , ts escort Argentinian
María Sáenz
29 years  - 175 cm

hello! I am Maria, a girl who loves to enjoy all kinds of plans. from going to the movies or

Diana CD, ts escorts Spanish
Diana CD
21 years  - 185 cm

hello everyone! I am Diana, a person full of vitality and authenticity. my presence is a mixture of energy and

Tereza , madrid shemale Dominican
35 years  - 176 cm

hello! I am Tereza, a Caribbean Dominican with mulatto skin. My exotic and warm background invites you to discover a

Isabelly Dior, Brazilian
Isabelly Dior
27 years  - 167 cm

I am Isabelly Dior, a person who charms with her elegance and charisma. my presence is a combination of beauty

Kahina, escort trans Venezuelan
23 years  - 164 cm

My name is Kahina and I am from Venezuela. I am a fun, charismatic and sociable person, always willing to

Claudia Ferrero, shemale escort madrid Colombian
Claudia Ferrero
25 years  - 170 cm

Let me introduce you to Claudia Ferrero, a charming woman full of joy. her natural flirtation and radiant smile captivate

Jessica Versace , trans escort madrid Brazilian
Jessica Versace
20 years  - 174 cm

allow me to introduce jessica versace, a woman with a name that combines strength and style. her presence is magnetic,

Mara, Argentinian
29 years

hello! I am mara, an affable and friendly Argentine with a passion for fun and conversation. I look forward to

Danitza, ts escort Peruvian
23 years  - 164 cm

Greetings to all! I am danitza, and I am delighted to join this community. My presence is characterized by joy

Penelope, ts escorts Venezuelan
25 years  - 167 cm

I am Penelope, a young Venezuelan who carries with her the joy and charm of my land. My tender and

Tatiana, madrid shemale Colombian
25 years  - 170 cm

hello! I am Tatiana, a brunette, educated and very feminine Latina. I take pride in my Latino culture and heritage,

Noelia, Spanish
24 years  - 173 cm

My name is Noelia and I am Spanish. I am a fun, charismatic and very sociable girl. I love meeting

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