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Antonella Escort in Marbella

23 years
160 cm.
90 - 60 - 80
Spanish, English


Romantic Dinners
Relaxing Massages
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Massages at Home
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About Antonella

Hello, I am Antonella, a Colombian girl full of energy and joy of life. I can't help but express my enthusiasm for everything I do, from the smallest things to the most exciting adventures. I am a fun and charismatic person, always looking for the positive side of everything. I love socializing, meeting new people and making new friends. One of my greatest passions is enjoying romantic dinners in cozy places, where I can try different flavors and enjoy good conversation. In addition, I love traveling and discovering new places, whether escaping to a picturesque town or taking weekend getaways to the mountains. I am also passionate about fashion and shopping, there is nothing like finding the perfect piece to make any outfit shine! As for languages, I speak Spanish but I am also fluent in English and French, which has allowed me to communicate with people from different cultures and broaden my horizons. Among my favorite activities, you can't miss going out dancing and enjoying music, whether at a concert, karaoke or simply on a night out with friends. I am also a nature lover, so I enjoy going out for bike rides, walking on the beach or hiking in the mountains. In my free time, I like to relax and take care of myself. A perfect day for me would be visiting a spa to pamper myself with some good massages and facials. I also enjoy more cultural activities such as visiting museums, going to the theater or the cinema. and when the weather permits, I love to ski and have picnics in parks! In short, I am Antonella, a fun, elegant and sociable Colombian girl, passionate about travel, shopping and nightlife. I am always looking for new experiences and willing to try different activities, whether it is playing sports, playing paddle tennis or practicing yoga. Although I also value those moments of relaxation at home, enjoying a quiet night watching Netflix or playing bowling with friends. Life is an adventure and I am ready to live it to the fullest!

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Antonella, Marbella escort Colombian
Antonella, Colombian
Antonella, escort in marbella Colombian
Antonella, escort Marbella Colombian
Antonella, Marbella escort Colombian
Antonella, Colombian
Antonella, escort in marbella Colombian