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Nina Escort in Barcelona

21 years
57 kg.
170 cm.
90 - 60 - 90


Romantic Dinners
Liberal Clubs
Relaxing Massages

About Nina

Hello, my name is Nina and I am a Spanish girl full of energy and vitality. Although my name is simple, my personality is the opposite, I am full of surprises! I am an extroverted person, I am always looking for new adventures and exciting experiences. One of my passions is traveling and discovering new places. I love visiting amusement parks because I enjoy feeling the adrenaline of roller coasters. I also enjoy sightseeing getaways to pretty towns, where I can immerse myself in the local culture and explore charming sites. When I'm not traveling, I love being surrounded by friends and enjoying a romantic dinner or going out dancing until the early hours of the morning. I also like shopping, especially for the latest fashion trends. I love being fashionable and dressing elegantly. Speaking of languages, in addition to my mother tongue, which is Spanish, I also speak English and French. I love learning different languages because it allows me to communicate with people from all over the world and discover new cultures. In my free time, I also enjoy more relaxing activities like practicing yoga or going to the spa to pamper myself. I love nature, so hiking and excursions to the mountains are plans that never bore me. For me, balance is important, so I also enjoy staying home for a night, watching Netflix and relaxing. I also love theater, cinema and karaoke, where I can show my most creative and fun side. In short, I am a Spanish girl full of life, with an outgoing and fun personality. My love for travel, fashion and outdoor activities make me a perfect company for any plan. If you are looking for a charismatic, sociable and adventurous friend, here I am!

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