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Elisa Escort in Marbella

23 years
165 cm.
80 - 60 - 80
Spanish, English


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About Elisa

Hello! I am Elisa, a girl from Ukraine living in Spain. My personality is characterized by being elegant, fun and charismatic. I love interacting with others and I have a great ability to make friends. In addition, I am very educated and always worry about others. As for my hobbies, I am passionate about enjoying romantic dinners, shopping and partying. But, beyond that, I love trying new things and venturing into different plans. I enjoy visiting amusement parks, taking sightseeing trips to charming small towns or even weekend getaways to wonderful places. I also like to pamper myself and relax, so going to a spa is one of my favorite plans. In addition, I enjoy sightseeing, going dancing, cycling, going to the beach, visiting museums, playing sports and even skiing. A picnic in a park or going shopping are also activities that I usually do. As for languages, in addition to speaking Ukrainian, I am fluent in Spanish and English. This has allowed me to broaden my horizons and learn about different cultures during my travels. With all this, my life is never boring. As a lover of fun and adventure, I am always looking for new experiences. Whether it's going out for an exciting night at the theater or cinema, enjoying karaoke with friends, a relaxing walk in the mountains or a night of bowling. A day can be a quiet stay at home watching Netflix or solving puzzles in an escape room. I even like to practice yoga and have fun playing paddle tennis! No matter the plan, as long as it allows me to enjoy the company of the people I love and create new memories, I am always happy to live it.

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Elisa, Marbella escort Ukrainian
Elisa, Ukrainian
Elisa, escort in marbella Ukrainian
Elisa, escort Marbella Ukrainian